Translate your PDF documents on your PC to dozens of languages in minutes and without the high costs.



Multilizer PDF Translator is a tool for translating PDF files to other languages automatically. Every PC user can enjoy these quick translations.
Translate Easily & Quickly
Select the document and languages. Get translated files automatically with just a couple of clicks.
Keep the Layout
The translated document will have the same layout and alignment as the original document.
See the Visuals
No data lost. All visual elements (tables, images, charts, etc.) will be preserved with the translated text.
No Changes to the Original File
Get the translated text in a new file. The original file is always kept untouched.
40+ Languages Supported
Translate to more than 40 languages with only a few clicks.
Work on Your PC
Just install the software and start translating. No need for uploading your files from anywhere else.
Pay only for the amount of translations you need or translate short documents with the Free version. See prices.
Try for Free!
The free version translates up to 3 pages in a document. You can translate a total of 15 pages for free. Download here.

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Using Multilizer PDF Translator is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can translate your PDF documents into dozens of languages.
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Customer Reviews

  • COOL!! love it ! thank you.. very useful app

  • thank you, this app helps me faster to translate

  • Very useful for me.

  • Good job :D keep it up !

  • Does not work on my scanned pdf file.

  • It is very good. Thanks. It could help us to do our homework.