Free test translation

Translate 1-2 pages of your document for free.

Fast, easy, and automatic Document Translator. Multilizer is a worldwide popular translator with more than 3 million users.  Unfortunately, not all documents can be automatically translated. On this page, you can test if your document is suitable for automatic translation.

Document Translator

Note! This is a test translation! The translation contains only 1-2 pages.
If you want to translate more,  buy a license from our online store.

As soon as the translation is complete, the translation will open on a new webpage.

How to Translate?

1. Select languages.
2. Choose your document.
3. Click 'Start translation'.

That's it! Multilizer translates you document automatically. You'll get your translated document in a couple of minutes.

Want to use desktop application?

PDF Translator is a computer application that translates PDF documents to 40+ languages. Suitable for PCs and laptops with Windows OS.

You can translate PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and TXT documents. The translated document preserves the original layout and alignment with all the images, tables, and charts in the right places.

You’ll get an easy-to-read translated document with only a few clicks. Multilizer creates a translated document that looks like the original document. Nothing will be lost, you’ll get all the information.

Try it yourself! Although Multilizer Document Translator isn’t a free solution, you can test it before making a decision to buy. Translate 1-2 pages for free on this webpage.

Customers in more than 140 countries
& more than 3 million users

Multilizer is a worldwide popular translation tool.

Thank you all! It’s a pleasure to help you with your translation needs.

Translate more

Do you want to translate your document completely
– right now, without a test translation?

The test translation contains only 1-2 pages. Buy a license and you can translate whole documents. Choose the page package that fits best with your translation needs. As soon as the order is processed, you’ll get an email with everything (a license, the instructions, etc.) that you need in order to start translating.

You’ll get all these:

✔ Automatically translated documents.
✔ More than 40 languages available.
✔ You can translate PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and TXT files.
✔ Translated documents will have the same layout and alignment as the original documents.
✔ You can use both the online translator and the desktop translator.


19 EUR / 50 pages

Price per page: 0,38 EUR


49 EUR / 500 pages

Price per page: 0,098 EUR


190 EUR / 5.000 pages

Price per page: 0,038 EUR

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