About Multilizer

Multilizer creates innovative language translation and localization tools for both individuals and companies. You can translate documents, software and other content easily. 

Document Translator

Multilizer Document Translator is an automatic language translator for PDF, DOCX, PPTX and TXT documents. It is an easy-to-use, useful and affordable tool for both individuals and companies.​

Localization Tools

Multilizer Localization Tools are complete and versatile helpers for localization of software and documents. The huge range of features and plug-ins makes it the best tool for all localization projects.

Multilizer story

Multilizer is a software solution for language translation. Multilizer has two main goals. First, to help businesses going global. Second, to make the information more available and to decrease language barriers.
Localization is a good way to enter new markets. People prefer their languages. Unfortunately, localizing products into local markets can be laborious. Multilizer makes the job easier. With Multilizer, companies can localize products, software, apps, websites, brochures, and other content. One tool for all localization products.
The original idea was to make software localization more productive and efficient. This idea is still in the core of Multilizer. Localization and translation processes and projects should be easier and faster. The mission is to develop high-quality products for all localization stakeholders. Localization managers, translators, and software developers can make their job better with Multilizer.
Languages bring people together, but likewise, they can divide and separate. Knowledge is power, it’s the key to education and equality. Multilizer wants to make the world more open. Multilizer Document Translator is a fast, simple and affordable way to translate documents.
Multilizer has a long history of innovation and leading-edge technologies. Multilizer ensures that its products meet the existing localization needs. Thus Multilizer partners with many development tool companies, translation agencies, and freelance translators. This way Multilizer secures that its products are compatible with other translation tools. Among other efficient benefits, the compatibility is highly valued by Multilizer users.
The first Multilizer product was released in 1995. A Finnish technology company called Rex Partners Oy acquired Multilizer in 2006. Today, Multilizer products are actively used in more than 200 countries worldwide. More than 6.000 companies and 3 million individuals have translated content with Multilizer. Thank you all!
Multilizer (Rex Partners Oy)

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