Product Description: Document Translator & PDF Translator

Multilizer Document Translator is an advanced translation tool for documents. In this page you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to translate your own documents. 

The are two products: online Document Translator and desktop PDF Translator. Although these translators are practically very similar, there are also some differences. This is the reason why there are separate product descriptions for both translators.


Multilizer Document Translator


Multilizer Document Translator is an automatic language translator for documents. The tool is used with an Internet browser. This is not a file converter that converts files to other file formats. Document Translator translates PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and TXT documents to other languages. There are more than 40 languages available.

Multilizer Document Translator finds the text content from the original document, translates the text, and then creates a new document for the translation. The new document has both the translated text and all the images, pictures, tables, and charts in the original alignment. Multilizer utilizes PROMT, Microsoft, and Google machine translators.

From the reader’s point of view, it is extremely important that the translated document delivers all the same information as the original document. Images, tables, and other such visual elements have an important role in most documents. It’s easier to understand the document correctly when the translated document has all the visual elements in the right places.

Multilizer Document Translator is a useful tool for everyone who wants to understand different kinds of documents quickly and easily. Automatic translation saves time and money. Even though machine translation is rarely completely flawless, often you can understand the core message effortlessly. So if you need a fast translation that doesn’t have to be grammatically and linguistically perfect, automatic translation is a good option. In addition, machine translation quality is constantly improving due to ongoing development.

The world needs fast and automatic translation because it helps to understand foreign language documents and to share knowledge. Let’s tear down the language barriers document by document.

Getting started:

Multilizer Document Translator is an online service. The translator is always available on your Internet browser. Multilizer offers you a free test translation of 1-2 pages. The purpose is that you can test if it’s possible to translate your document automatically. Unfortunately, due to their technical characteristics, not all documents are suitable for automatic translation.

If you want to translate more pages and longer documents than 1-2 pages, you have to buy a license from our webstore. The order is processed by 2Checkout that is Multilizer’s official e-commerce partner. You will get a license and instructions by email immediately after the payment is processed. The instructions will guide you on how to translate your documents completely.

License limitations:

Multilizer Document Translator license is personal and valid for 2 years form the date of purchase.


It is very easy to translate a document with Multilizer:

1. Select the languages.
2. Select the document that you want to translate.
3. Add your license code, i.e. activation key.
4. Click ‘Start translation’.

Multilizer translates your document automatically. You can open and save the translated document as soon as it is complete. You can buy alicense from our webstore. You will get a license and instructions by email immediately after the payment is processed

Available languages:

The up-to-date language list is always available in the Translator. Currently there are more than 40 languages available. Multilizer is constantly working on adding more languages.

Translation limitations:

Firstly, you can’t translate scanned documents. Secondly, texts that are located inside of images, tables, and other visual elements will stay untranslated. Thirdly, locked and password-protected documents can’t be translated.

Quota / Page packages:

Multilizer Document Translator uses page quota when translating. Multilizer Document Translator counts quota in characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc.). To clarify the somewhat confusing character quota, Multilizer has converted the quota into page packages. A page is counted using an average of 1800 characters on one page. The actual page amount may differ a little bit if your documents have more or less text on a page.

Buying more quota:

If and when you run out of pages, it’s easy to buy another page package from the webstore. A new license will be delivered to you by email as soon as the payment is processed. Then you can use the new license and continue translating.


Multilizer PDF Translator Free
Multilizer PDF Translator Standard
Multilizer PDF Translator Pro


Multilizer PDF Translator is a tool for translating PDF documents automatically. PDF Translator creates easy-to-understand documents with both the translated text and the visual elements in their original alignment. From the reader’s point of view, it is crucial that the translated document contains the same information as the original file. Images, tables and charts are essential in many PDF files, and including those in the translated documents enhances understanding.

Instead of modifying the original file, Multilizer PDF Translator creates a new file in the selected language. Both the original and the translated documents are stored on your computer. There is no need to upload your documents from anywhere else. Multilizer PDF Translator relies on machine translation services by PROMT, Microsoft, Google and others.

Multilizer PDF Translator is a useful tool for everyone who wants to translate PDF documents quickly and efficiently. Automatic translation saves time and money. Even if the machine translation is not flawless, the proofreading of an automatic translation costs less and is much faster than a professional translation started from scratch. If you’re looking for a quick translation that doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect, an automatic translation is a good alternative especially since the quality of machine translation is constantly improving.

A quick translation is a great way to both understand documents written in foreign languages and to share your own knowledge with people from all around the world.


Multilizer PDF Translator is ready to use for translations immediately after installation. Download and install Multilizer PDF Translator Free to your PC from our website. During the installation process, the Free version automatically creates a license code for you. After buying a Standard or Pro license, just insert the license key from the email you received from our web store and restart the application. Your Translator will be automatically upgraded.


A Multilizer PDF Translator license is user-specific and can only be installed on one PC at a time. If you want a license which allows multiple people to use it simultaneously, ask us about our Business License. Licenses are valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.


Multilizer PDF Translator is able to translate with just a few clicks:

1. Install and open Multilizer PDF Translator.

2. Choose the file you want to translate.

3. Choose the language(s) from the menu. Multilizer PDF Translator is also able to auto-detect the language of the original document.

4. Begin the translation by clicking the Translate button.

5. Multilizer translates your document and automatically saves the translation as a new file.


We are continuously working to make more languages available. Check out the latest language lists in PDF Translator. Currently you can translate to more than 40 languages.


The following cannot be translated: scanned documents and text inside images. Locked and password- protected documents also cannot be translated without the password.


– PC with Windows Operating System (OS)
– Internet connection


Adobe Writer or other PDF tools are not needed. However, if you don’t have a reader application to open PDF files, you won’t be able to read the translated PDF file.


Multilizer PDF Translator products include a quota, which defines the number of pages you can translate with the tool or license purchased. Multilizer PDF Translator calculates the quota in characters. To make it easier to understand, we have converted the number of characters into pages, using an average of 1,800 characters per page.

The Free version includes a quota for approximately 15 pages, the Standard version for more than 400 pages, and the Pro version for slightly over 4,000 pages. The quota for the Business license is agreed on when it is purchased.


When your quota runs out, Multilizer PDF Translator asks you to buy more quotas from the web store. You automatically receive a new license code via email after your purchase. Insert the new license code into Multilizer PDF Translator and the translation will pick up from the point where it stopped when the last quota ran out.


The application is available in the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.


Free: Translates 3 pages at a time and includes a total quota of 15 pages. Water stamps in the translated file. The application language can be changed.

Standard: Translates over 400 pages. Translations can be saved in PDF or RTF formats. The application language is fixed.

Pro: Includes quota for more than 4,000 pages. Enables selecting folders and translating several files at the same time. Translations can be saved in PDF or RTF formats. The application language can be changed.

Try translating!

Now you can join the more than 3 million users. Choose one of the translators below or try both of them for free.

Document Translator

An online translator which you can use to translate PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and TXT documents to more than 40 languages. Suitable for everyone who has an access to the Internet.

PDF Translator

A desktop application which you can use to translate PDF documents to more than 40 languages. Suitable for everyone who has computer or laptop with a Windows OS.