Easy-to-use PDF Translator Translates PDF Files Automatically

Multilizer PDF Translator translates your PDF documents to dozens of different languages. With just a few clicks, you'll get translated PDF documents with all the images, tables and charts in the original alignment.

Multilizer PDF Translator is extremely easy to use: Just choose input file and languages, and let the PDF Translator do the rest automatically.

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What you will be able to do:

  • Understand foreign language content easily
  • Translate up to 27 languages
  • Keep the original file untouched
  • Just choose the file you want to translate and the languages
  • Receive automatically translated documents that include all visual elements in the original alignment
  • Get good quality provided by the best mt engines in the market
  • Work with your PC; no need for uploading your files anywhere
  • Pay only for the amount of translations you need or translate short documents with the Free version.





This animated demo shows you how to translate a PDF document with Multilizer PDF Translator:

Comments from our customers:

“Multilizer PDF Translator was a great finding, and became a great “value for money” for our company. Recently some business opportunities appeared, but expressed in languages we didn’t master or even understand. The usage of Multilizer PDF translator made the difference between a GO and a No-GO", says João Almeida, Chief Business Officer of YouMove & Card4B Systems.

"I am very glad that I purchased this Multilizer program that has helped me a lot in the translation of manuals, user guides, and even small books", says Miguel Alberto Martins from Portugal.

"Because Multilizer PDF Translator is easy to use, the work proceeded rapidly and fluent. I spent two days translating 1302 PDF files with Multilizer PDF Translator. My colleagues who translated the material​​ by using another program spent 10 - 14 days for the same job", says Dejan Garbajs from Slovenia.

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Machine translation engines will translate your PDF documents automatically. To learn more about Multilizer PDF Translator, have a look at the product information page.

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