This is the online version of Multilizer PDF Translator. You can use it anywhere using your PC, mobile or tablet.

How to translate a PDF document?

The tool works like this:
1. Select the original and target languages.
2. Drag and drop your PDF file over the translation area.
3. Click START TRANSLATION button.

Wait while the file is translated automatically. When it’s ready, your computer will ask you to either download or open the translated document. That’s all!

Please note that some documents can be encrypted, password-protected or scanned from paper documents. Those documents can not be translated. Also text in images can not be translated. We offer preview of translation prior to purchase so you can check yourself whether your document can be translated.

How the free preview demo works?

The 100% free preview demo is the easiest way to see how suitable your file is to automatic translation. It is as easy to use as the full version of the online PDF Translator. The only exception is that, as a result, you’ll see a preview page of the translated file. The preview shows you how the translated document looks like and how well your file can be translated automatically. The preview contains a Multilizer watermark.

Go to the free preview demo

How to get a complete document translated?

If you want to get the complete translation as a PDF file, please purchase a serial number in the online store.

1. Go to the online store.
2. Select the amount of pages you want to translate.
3. Process the payment.
4. Follow the instructions which will be sent to you by email (right after the purchase is automatically processed by our webstore partner Avangate).

Fully translated documents won’t have any Multilizer watermarks.

The translation quota is calculated in standard A4-sized pages with normal font size.

Who is Multilizer?

Multilizer is a language technology company with a strong history of more than 20 years. We are specialized in both software localization tools and automatic document translation. Our goal is to develop new language and translation technologies for personal and company use. Multilizer head office is located in Finland but our international team is not limited by any geographical locations.

Multilizer (Rex Partners Oy)
Pohjantie 3
FI-02100 Espoo

Email: [email protected]
Fax: +358 207 818 125


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