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This online PDF translator helps you to translate documents to Portuguese and other languages. Just a couple of clicks and you get your document translated. Automatic PDF translation is the fastest way to change the language of your document.

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Start automatic PDF translation now.

You can translate 1-2 pages for free. If you want to translate more, you can buy a license in the online store. We recommend that you first try the free pages to ensure that your document can be translated automatically.

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How to translate PDF online?

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1. Select the original language.

2. Select the translation language.

3. Drag and drop your document or click to select your document.

4. Click the ’Start translation’ button.

Then online PDF Translator begins translating your document. Short documents are usually translated within minutes. Long documents take more time. Still, currently, 90% of documents are ready in only 2.5 minutes.

The free PDF Translator allows you to translate 1-2 pages for free. If you want to translate more, you can buy a license in the webstore.

App for translating most PDFs automatically

The automatic PDF translator is a good option for everyone. You can translate articles, manuals, brochures, forms, and other documents. Documents can be short or long. Topics can be anything. The translation is only a few clicks away. Only scanned documents or password-protected files can’t be translated.

Unfortunately, some documents are technically difficult to translate. If you want to see how automatic translation works on your document, Multilizer offers free document translation for 1-2 pages. This way you can check the translation quality by yourself. Longer documents require that you buy a license from the webstore.

Multilizer document translation
automatic pdf translator

Even the best PDF translation quality is rarely totally flawless. Machine translation quality is getting better all the time. Between certain languages, the automatic translation quality is already extremely good. In most cases, tiny errors don’t matter if the goal is to understand the core message.

Also, the document affects the translation quality. The structure of the document can improve or decrease the quality. For example, some languages need more space than others. If the document has only very little white space around the text, there might not be enough space for the translated text. This can lead to overlapping lines. Likewise, some fonts don’t have all the different alphabets and characters available.

We highly recommend that you translate to your own language and for your own use. If you ever publish an automatic translation, please remember to inform readers about it. The reader deserves to know if the document is automatically translated. And if the translation should be 100% flawless, remember to have it proofread.

Features of the program for
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Translating whole PDF documents

Whenever you need a PDF translator from Spanish to English (or between other languages), you can start with the free pages. It is the best option to verify that your document can be automatically translated. When you are ready to translate the whole document, you can buy a license from the online store. The purchased version of Multilizer PDF Translator can translate documents in all lengths.

When you buy a license you will get a page quota. The quota is the largest number of pages that you can translate. You can translate as many documents as you want. The license is valid until you reach the total number of pages or for two (2) years.

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Download free PDF Translator

All Windows desktop and laptop users can also download the desktop app for translating PDF documents. The desktop PDF translator software works like the online translator. The free version translates up to three (3) pages of a document and a total of 15 pages for free. All you need to do is to download and install the Multilizer PDF Translator to your PC or laptop. You can start translating your PDF documents immediately after the installation.

Start translating PDF documents!

There are two Multilizer PDF Translators available for you: the online and the desktop translator. When you buy a license, you can choose the best translation tool for your needs. Or you can use both of them. The same license goes with both tools.

Online PDF Translator

Online tool for translating PDF, DOCX, PPTX, and TXT documents into more than 40 languages. For everyone with an internet connection.

You can translate 1-2 pages of your document for free.

Desktop PDF Translator

Desktop app for translating PDF documents into more than 40 languages. For everyone using a desktop computer or a laptop with a Windows OS.

You can translate 3 pages of your document for free. Includes a total free quota of 15 pages.

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