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Translate your PDF documents on your PC to dozens of languages in minutes and without the high costs.

With Multilizer PDF Translator You will get:

- Easy-to-read documents with all the images, tables and charts in right places
- Fast translation with popular machine translator
- Best value for your money with easy-to-use tool and wide language selection

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Knowledge is power. The most important information is usually stored in the PDF format. PDF documents are nice and easy to create, share and read. Visually, PDF documents are suprior. They are colorful. They have images. They have a layout.

PDF is a widely used format. There is so many PDF documents out there. And they are in every language. You may have the document but you can't read it. Now it is time to break down the language barrier and start understanding PDFs that are written in some foreign language.

Multilizer PDF Translator is a tool for translating PDF documents automatically. With this easy-to-use tool, you can translate all types of PDF documents: guides, user manuals, documents, presentations, ebooks, spreadsheets and so on. All you need to do is to install the application to your PC, and you'll get automatically translated documents with just a few clicks.

Everyone can start translating today. Multilizer PDF Translator is simple and easy tool for both business and private use. You can translate to more than 25 languages.



How To Use Multilizer PDF Translator?

Majority of PDF Translator users think that the tool is very easy to use. Most of them don't need any guidance at all. The rest of them have found it useful to watch this tutorial video first:

Basically, you only need to make a few of clicks to get the file translated. First open the Multilizer PDF Translator. Then choose the file, and select the languages. The automatic translation starts when you click the Start button.

Multilizer PDF Translator is a tool for everyone who wants to translate PDF files automatically. No matter if you are an individual person or a company. Try it today.

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Why to Choose Multilizer PDF Translator:

- Super easy to use!

- No need to upload your files anywhere.

- Keep the original file untouched.

- Get good quality provided by the best machine translation engines in the market.

- Get a new document with the translated text.

- Pay only for the amount of translations you need!

- Translated files include all visual elements in the original alignment.

- Translate short documents with the free version.

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Translate up to 3 pages at a time and a total of 15 pages.

Multilizer label in the translated file.


39 EUR

Translate more than 400 pages.

Save the translation as a PDF or RTF format.

No Multilizer label.


150 EUR

Translate more than 4,000 pages.

Save the translation as a PDF or RTF format.

No Multilizer label.

* The actual quota is based on characters. The exact quotas for each version are: Free 30,000 characters, Standard 720,000 characters and Pro 7,200,000 characters. The estimated page counts are based on the average of 1,800 characters per page.

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Because Multilizer PDF Translator is easy to use, the work proceeded rapidly and fluent. I spent two days translating 1302 PDF files with Multilizer PDF Translator. My colleagues who translated the material​​ by using another program spent 10 - 14 days for the same job..

Dejan Garbajs, Slovenia.


Multilizer PDF Translator was a great finding, and became a great value for money for our company..

YouMove & Card4B Systems.


I am very glad that I purchased this Multilizer program that has helped me a lot in the translation of manuals, user guides, and even small books..

Miguel Alberto Martins, Portugal.

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